Aric Itkonen


Prince George, BC

Since I was a kid, I was always getting up at the crack of dawn to go and explore the outdoors. Whether it was for the day, weekend or longer, I always had that drive to go further and wanted to see more. I always
wanted to be outside, and I think that’s why my father would always drag me out
at the ass crack of dawn to go hunting, fishing, or camping.  I hated coming back to daily life!

In my younger years my friends always wanted to hang out on weekends, but they soon realised I had other places to be. So, at certain times of the year, they stopped calling because they knew where I was… I was
outdoors! They once asked me why I would rather be out there, and even though I was born in a large city my response to them was…. “If I could be out there everyday and make a living at it, this is where you would find me. And if you or someone ever came up with a reason of why I shouldn’t be out there, I would
argue that reason until the day I die.” The peace and quiet you get being outdoors is what lured me. You can be out there in your own thoughts and go wherever you want. Its true freedom to me. Everything about daily life disappears! Your frustrations, responsibilities are gone. It’s not about killing something. It’s about the adventure! I don’t find pleasure in killing animals. The adventure and the need to see what’s on the other side is my main drive. To wake up early, head out, watch the sun rise while I’m sitting on a ridge breathing the fresh air and slowly being warmed by the sun! Watching, listening, waiting, being totally relaxed and free in those moments. Waiting for day light so I can head out on the lake or river. To have the ability to move anywhere I want. To feel the excitement when something walks out or hits the end of my line and capture that moment! The harvest is just a bonus and is never guaranteed. I always feel the guilt, sadness, as I walk up and see that awesome creature laying there lifeless. But I’m able to work through it knowing that animal didn’t die for no reason. Knowing that animal will not only feed myself but my family and friends as well!

Now that I’m older I still have that urge to see new ground! I still find myself pushing myself with urgency. I’m aways planning, and now that I have the freedom to explore more ideas, I started Outdoor Addictions. First it was Facebook groups (Tails n’ Scales and Outdoor Addiction 2.0) where I would post my adventures, pics and videos. To now having my own business! I love the idea to be able to help get people outside. To get them to experience the things I do and love the adventure. I love seeing dads bring their kids out hunting and fishing. Teaching them the ways of the land. How to navigate and survive. I remember all these things growing up when my father taut me the basics. Which is the main reason that drove me to start my company and brand. I love the discussions and the memories from past experiences. The live and learn obstacles you over come when dealing with mother nature. These are what make the adventures pure! So, what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? The only way it will work is… get up and GO OUTSIDE! You would be amazed of what you will find if you open your eyes.