urban grey 5090 wading boots

Basic Wading $139 CAD

These new boots are made in an urban style. They are lightweight and ensure maximum comfort. They are made of synthetic leather and a damage-resistant and durable fabric with an Oxford weave. This model provides strong ankle support. The boots are equipped with a new sole made of durable rubber with the best adhesion to each type of surface. Sand and mud do not stick between the elements of a rubber outsole thanks to the special mud-free tread patterns. It is a perfect combination of great quality and a reasonable price. There is no need to substitute wading boots with any other type of shoes in order to cut down expenses anymore. Fits ATV & UTV riders perfectly.

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greenwood Graphite 5223 Wading boots

Light Weight $229 CAD

Classic boots provide the high level of comfort and reliability. Made of lightweight and durable heavy-duty material with extra rubber reinforcement in the forefoot and heel. The boots feature durable rubber outsole and special insoles for cushioning and comfort. Great for rough terrain.

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speedmaster graphite 5228 wading Boots

Best Overall $319 CAD

An upgraded more aggressive design of our top SPEEDMASTER boots will handle any terrain and weather. The boots are made of wear-resistant fabrics with an extra reinforcement weave for higher durability and safety. Sturdy materials ensure foot protection from external impacts. Extended boot top provides great ankle support. With all these time-tested features, these boots have improved a lace hook to securely attach boot laces to your waders, as well as more supportive insoles for better cushioning and stronger laces for long-lasting performance.

• The most wear-resistant materials for more durability and long life
• Extended boot top for better ankle support
• Thicker and stronger laces
• Sturdy materials for better foot protection from external impact
• Heavy-duty rubber outsole
• Special mud-free tread
• Large heel pull for easy on and off
• Neoprene elements for shock absorption and comfort
• Small holes on sides for water drainage and quick drying
• Lace hook D-ring attachment point

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